Start Early Poster Set—Values

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Natalie Vela
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One of two sets of 25 colorful posters, each with a one-liner that is understood and remembered even by babies and toddlers
Young children can learn these simple constructive sayings as they look at the pictures, giving a parent/teacher a useful tool to encourage and reinforce positive behavior
The Values Set focuses on positive family interaction and good health habits
Makes a great teaching aid for parents, teachers, Sunday school, day care
Included on the box are various ideas and suggestions for how to use these materials to lead to further discussion and activities—fun and easygoing ways to teach important values
Printed on thick laminated cardstock, and packaged in a colorful and sturdy box for easy safekeeping
Coloring book included
Available in
Afrikaans, English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili, Tamil
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character-building early-learning educational poster-set
A4 (8.5 x 12 in.)
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