Sweet Dreams Tonight

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Tried-and-proven lullabies to send little ones on their way to sweet dreams
Calm and soothing music and lyrics
18 songs that make bedtime easier
Song list
  1. My Name is Nighttime
  2. Sometimes I Like to Be Quiet
  3. Sounds in the Night
  4. Always With Me
  5. Little Bird in the Night
  6. When it is Time
  7. Lullaby and Goodnight
  8. God Takes His Time
  9. Baby Beds
  10. A Beautiful World
  11. He Will Take Care of His Own
  12. God's Love Will Be With Us
  13. All These Things from a Loving Father
  14. Thank You for My Eyes
  15. I Hear God Speak
  16. Guardian Angel
  17. Little Eyes
  18. Sweet Dreams Tonight
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English, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish
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Lullaby and Goodnight
A Beautiful World
He Will Take Care of His Own
Sweet Dreams Tonight
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